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In today's competitive business world, your IT infrastructure's availability, stability, and adaptability are key to your success. Count on the professionals at TA Services to help you gain real business agility via a cost-effective IT infrastructure that is highly available, consistently reliable, readily scalable, and secure. We understand that when it comes to availability, "one size" doesn't fit everyone, or even necessarily everyone within your company. That's why we provide a comprehensive Mission Critical Support portfolio that addresses the full range of availability requirements."

Our Mission Critical Support services are at work protecting top-tier companies. TA provides IT services to some of the largest and most respected companies in East-Africa.

Advantages you won't find anywhere else
From proactive services that help you anticipate problems to quick-response issue resolution, TA services delivers mission-critical support with a difference. We start with your needs. We collaborate closely with you. And we tailor the solution that works best for your business.

Our mission-critical offerings bring you:

  • A holistic approach based on decades of experience and investment in technology, IT processes and people, so that we can help you address all of the major causes of downtime
  • Expertise spanning multi-OS, storage consolidation, Blade servers & Disaster Recovery
  • Unique time-to-resolution commitments that help you recover quickly and completely
  • Single-source simplicity and accountability: one contract can cover your entire infrastructure - including servers, storage, SANs, networks, and software
  • Totally coordinated support: an TA Services consultant can develop a single plan encompassing your support needs infrastructure-wide
  • Peace of mind: you can be confident your availability requirements will be met today and tomorrow with quality TA Services support
  • special attention
  • Expertise, partnership, and hands-on assistance from your dedicated TA expert -- your dedicated resource and direct contact for any support issue
  • Faster response time through direct access to your dedicated expert and the highest priority given to your calls
  • Improved effectiveness of problem resolution provided by a dedicated TA expert who has intimate knowledge of your system environment -- no need to re-explain your configuration
  • Increased availability of your IT environment through improvement in stability and rapid resolution of re-active problems through established and proven processes and direct ownership from your dedicated Telecom engineer, you can be sure your problems will be resolved in time
  • Reduces the risk of service disruption through preventative support activities
  • Reduction in costly downtime through effective change management planning and timely responsive support
  • Reduced risk and exposure to a service outage through robust proactive services avoiding problems before they occur
  • Improvement in the effectiveness of your IT software environment through knowledge transfer and applied best practices - you get more with what you have
  • Increased productivity of your internal resources through proactive activities which improve system stability and availability
  • Flexible packaging and a range of optional services - you chose the services you nee

Proactively enhance your environment's availability and performance.
TA’s proactive 24 Service is an integrated hardware and software support solution designed to help you get more from your IT investment. It combines industry-leading preventive assistance with responsive support that helps you address problems quickly and effectively.

Proactive 24 not only helps increase the return on technology investments across your IT infrastructure. It establishes a collaborative relationship between you and TA that strengthens your IT team and gives you rapid access to our expertise as issues arise.

An assigned account manager is your primary contact within the TA Services support organization for proactive services and access to our diverse technical resources. Your account manager works closely with your IT staff to understand your environment and goals; document all the components of your infrastructure; recommend changes to improve availability, performance, and stability; and monitor ongoing operations using state-of-the-art remote tools.

When problems occur, Proactive 24 delivers comprehensive single-point-of-contact assistance around the clock. It gives you 2-hour response for software issues and 4-hour onsite response for hardware problems.

TA proactive 24 Service helps you:

  • Enhance operational effectiveness and availability with proactive problem identification and solutions recommendations.

  • Partner with technical experts who help coordinate support, provide hands-on assistance, and share industry best practices and TA know-how with your staff.

  • Rapidly access single-source support spanning your environment from servers to storage to networking.

  • Obtain personalized services tailored to your business environment and objectives.
  • Take advantage of advanced remote monitoring capabilities.

  • Anticipate necessary change - and execute it correctly the first time.

  • Efficiently manage infrastructure resources to meet your performance objectives.

A partner for the business of change
TA Services provides a complete portfolio of services tailored to your unique business and IT needs -today and in the future. We partner closely with you to help your company design, build, integrate, manage, and evolve an adaptive enterprise that lets you effectively respond to changes in your business.

Staying close to your objectives
We take the time to understand your specific business needs and IT environment and then adjust our approach to fit your needs. Using a proven set of methodologies, TA Services professionals work collaboratively with you -drawing on a comprehensive portfolio of integrated offerings to give you the greatest choice and value from your investment. TA Services can help you:

  • Ensure cost-effective stability and flexibility with unparalleled support for handling your end-to-end distributed IT resources

  • Reduce complexity with services to seamlessly manage your entire multivendor, heterogeneous infrastructures and complex networks

  • Optimize assets with access to our lifecycle maturity specialists, and new technology integration teams that will help you prepare your infrastructure for the challenges of today - and tomorrow

  • Extend the value and reach of the enterprise with e-business, data warehousing, and business intelligence solutions enhanced through TA's close partnerships with its systems integration partners, as well as its end-to-end services and systems management solutions, and expertise in integration technologies

  • Link business and IT through our framework and guidance to better align your IT resources to your bottom line, as well as with our leadership in management solutions such as HP OpenView software and other industry-standard tools

When warranty is not enough
What level of service do you need to protect your business from downtime? It's important to ask this question every time you buy new products.

In the past, you might have tolerated system downtime for 24 to 48 hours, the typical warranty response window. But today, business moves faster, expectations are high, and many applications must be highly available. With business success more tightly linked to IT, many companies are looking for faster, more proactive support than warranty provides. And they find that better support leads to a healthier IT environment overall.

When adding services to your purchase, you should first assess the availability needs of your key business processes. What impact would a 24-hour system outage have on your business revenues, customer loyalty, employee productivity, and commitment to internal clients? Uplifting the warranty to a faster response or extending the hours of coverage may be all you need to stay in business.

But when thinking about availability, you'll want to take a second look at what really causes downtime of your key business applications. Availability is affected by technology interoperability issues, in-house technical skills, and the processes, procedures, and tools you use to manage your IT infrastructure. That's why many organizations choose more proactive support from TA than a simple hardware warranty uplift can provide.

TA Services personnel have the expertise to solve complex problems across various hardware and software environments. And TA can work with you to proactively prevent problems, improve the reliability and stability of your infrastructure, and train your IT staff in new technologies. All these activities help to increase the value of your company's IT infrastructure investment.

Benefits you didn't expect

TA offers simple, easy-to-buy service packages that cover your entire solution support needs from warranty uplift to proactive mission-critical services. While protection against the consequences of downtime is the number one reason to purchase services with products, you'll find that there are many more advantages of a service relationship with TA. You can:

  • Extend your IT resources. With backing from TA Services and TA remote support tools, you can supplement your in-house staff resources, filling in gaps and keeping your staff focused on supporting the business rather than chasing problems.

  • Upgrade staff skills. Transfer of knowledge is one of the big pluses of working with TA Services. Your staff will gain new skills through collaborative problem-solving with TA or, if you choose, through an education and training service.

  • Ease vendor interoperability problems. When you choose from TA, hardware and software support, you can reduce the complexity of supporting a multivendor environment. TA can act as a single point of contact for problem diagnosis and problem resolution for diverse technology.

  • Get products installed right. An installation and startup service from TA is a smart investment when you want to install new hardware or software fast and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your operations.

  • Better predict service costs. With a service contract, you can avoid those unexpected big hits to the budget that can occur when you buy service on an ad hoc basis.

  • Access eSupport. TA's award-winning Web-based services provide online self-help with guided intervention, extensive knowledge databases, training, and peer collaboration.

If you're considering a change, or you want to identify areas of risk in availability or security, TA can also conduct an IT assessment and cost-benefit analysis that will help you make the case for an investment in products or services.

Making it easy to buy services

If buying services is new to you, you'll be relieved to know that TA makes it simple with its easy and flexible packaged options. Designed to be purchased with products, TA’s packaged services are available across the breadth of various products and technologies.

You can buy TA packaged services with the product or within 30 days of the product purchase with separate capital and expense purchase orders if needed.

Services for every need

With TA packaged services, you can upgrade your support to next-business-day response, or four-hour same-day response, or six-hour call-to-repair with committed system restoration, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. TA's proactive remote monitoring and support tools are included with these packages.

For software support, choose a TA’s software technical support service. Service offers include 24x7 total lifecycle support for popular operating software, including HP-UX, HP Alpha Tru64 Unix, Sun Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Novell, and major Linux distributions. You get responsive software telephone support from TA specialists who have extensive multi-technology certifications and experience.

For a more holistic approach, the best value is an integrated hardware and software TA packaged service with a choice of four support levels to match your IT management style and availability requirements. The top two packages provide an assigned TA account manager who works with your IT staff to understand your goals, recommend changes to improve performance and stability, and monitor ongoing operations.

When you're purchasing new products, it's the right time to review your availability needs, explore support options and ask your TA account manager to help determine the right mix of services for you

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